Designing and building new systems is exciting, but it is not the most common task required by our clients. We frequently come across situations where a large system has been evolving over many years without any system-wide review. Although it may still be fully functional and meet business requirements, management costs are soaring.

Regular internal and third-party audits of security and cryptographic systems tend to reveal new findings each time. The findings are acted upon on the basis of the least effort and minimum cost of implementation and immediate operation. However, it is difficult to balance the cost of change with real security benefits that are very difficult to assess due to evolution of security systems.

Our experience in performing security analyses of large and complex systems, combined with understanding audit requirements, enables us to streamline operational procedures and return control and understanding of the systems to our clients. This decreases operational costs as well as the cost of future changes to systems with accurate documentation.

We offer the following services:

  • Mapping of business information flow onto security, network, and data flows in implementations of security systems;
  • Documentation review - matrix creation for business processes/requirements and existing documentation with a follow-up gap analysis;
  • Impact assessment of security mechanisms - we will match implemented security mechanisms to threats and identify unnecessary duplicities increasing the cost of running and managing a given security system;
  • Understanding and identifying business risk to improve process control and resiliency of security systems to cyber attacks; or
  • Testing of systems and vulnerability analysis - not only on the network level (penetration testing) but also on the application level of internal or non-standard applications.