We have a proven track record in describing, creating, and analysing architectures of complicated security and cryptographic systems. We have worked on architectures of Hardware Security Modules (HSM) and key management systems, as well as large payment processing systems.

The quality of our work is based on a deep understanding of security and cryptographic mechanisms, experience with various computing platforms, and up-to-date knowledge of research in information security and cryptography. We have collaborated extensively with renowned research groups in Europe on topics covering privacy, security of communication protocols, security evaluations of smart cards, and security of wireless networks.

We believe that understanding client need is a necessary first step for any successful project. This is also the most difficult part and we use our understanding of security and cryptography to minimise the time needed to transform the business requirements of stakeholders into guiding security principles.

Our services include:

  • definitions of architectures for cryptographic and security systems or components for larger information systems;
  • identification of initiatives for strategic roadmaps and definitions of costs, benefits, and objectives for implementing changes in existing architectures;
  • specifications of architectural blocks allowing definitions of requirements for selection of implementation technologies, systems, and products; and
  • definitions of responsibility matrices, workflows, organisation charts and business processes for security and security solutions.