Cryptography combines the theoretical background and the practical implementation of information systems. It is relatively easy to become "an expert" on cryptography, but the ability to analyse cryptographic implementations and see potential problems comes only with years of experience.

We have gained our expertise through completing thorough reviews and testing various attacks on cryptographic implementation as part of our previous academic research. We continue to expand our experience by undertaking commercial projects.

A task in its own right is communicating cryptographic principles for new systems, or findings of cryptographic analysis, to clients. We have shown that we can put cryptography into the context of business requirements and goals.

We have experience in many aspects of cryptography. The following list names a few:

  • help with selection of cryptographic products and solutions;
  • advice and/or review of the use of cryptography in terms of algorithms, modes of operations, schemes of asymmetric cryptography;
  • analysis of sensitive code implementing cryptographic functions;
  • design, implementation, and deployment of key management systems; or
  • integration of cryptographic products.