Operational costs are often underestimated when new systems are designed and implemented. Good estimates of operational costs, in terms of money, time, and personnel, determine the long-term viability of new systems.

Analysis of the efficiency of operational teams requires the ability to analyse accurately the number and variety of tasks performed by the teams, the ability to identify opportunities for improving teams' efficiency, and potential for changes in the training and technical support of operational teams.

Our experience shows that operational processes and procedures often focus, unintentionally, on certain threats by implementing controls that duplicate existing controls. This situation is not unusual and represents one of the effects of the systems' evolution.

Ways in which we can help our clients include:

  • Analysing security controls and performing gap analysis with the main focus on overlapping controls;
  • Development and implementation of changes to existing controls to optimise operational requirements;
  • Development of training materials and training of personnel to improve efficiency of operational teams; and
  • • Estimating impact of system or evolutionary changes (utilisation, number of servers or applications, and so on) on operational requirements and cost.