We have changed the design of Smart Card Detective to get closer to a form that would allow us to make it a device for commercial use. We want to allow professionals using smart cards to perform analysis of protocols as easy as possible. We progress in two directions:

  • develop software that controls Smart Card Detective from a PC and allows for repetitive tests where the analysed protocol is only slightly modified; and
  • modify the hardware design of Smart Card Detective to create a device suitable for office environment with minimum requirements on hardware or low-level ISO7816 knowledge.

Mobile Phones

We have also started developing interface cards that would allow analysis of protocols between SIM cards and mobile phones.

Power Analysis

Smart Card Detective proved to be an excellent device for controlling communication between a smart card and its reader. This can be easily used for synchronising communication with side-channel measurements (e.g., power analysis).

Our intention is to design an extension board for power analysis measurements that would be controlled by Smart Card Detective.



If you are interested in any of these extensions or have ideas for further improvements of Smart Card Detective, please get in touch.